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Why Does Penis Enlargement Work?


how our penis enlargement worksThe human body is constantly growing and repairing itself; cells die or are damaged and are replaced by others splitting to form more new cells. This process is known as Mitosis and the body does it particularly aggressively during periods of growth (i.e. puberty).

As we age, the process of cell division becomes slower and less reliable (leading to some of the symptoms of ageing), for example making people heal more slowly or be more susceptible to scarring. Science is gradually learning how to encourage and harness this process for circumstances where improved healing or growth is desirable, and it’s in this area of research that helped shape the Penomet’s development.

In earlier stages of our development the penis grows through mitosis. However, after puberty, soft tissue replication or growth of this sort is reduced to a minimal level, meaning that the spongy tissue chambers inside the penis (Corpora Cavernosa etc) don’t grow any larger and so penis length and girth will stay the same without any outside interference. When a penis enlargement device such as Penomet is used, the bod can be ‘tricked’ into reverting to a state of growth, allowing for the gains described elsewhere on this website.

Jelquing is one of the methods that has historically been employed to achieve similar effects, and involves pushing/squeezing blood into the penis. Various routines and exercises along these lines, some involving ‘stretching’ type motions, are used to promote growth in the area.

The issue with such exercises, in comparison to the Penomet, is of time and consistency of movement; while the exercises can temporarily result in more blood being pushed into the spongy tissue of the penis, they don’t have the duration of the use of a separate pump, and they can be uneven (and potentially uncomfortable) depending upon how the necessary pressure is applied.


How Our Penis Pump Work?

structure of the penisPenomet penis pump utilizes a kind of hydraulic action to generate an even outwards pressure on the penis for the duration of the time you have it in the penis pump.

Blood is moved into the penis in greater quantities than is possible with manual methods and through maintaining this, the body is forced to adapt, grow and repair to increase by increments the amount of blood your penis can hold each time the Penomet is used.

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Another advance offered by the Penomet is in adaptability; the system has five different gaiters which allow for varying levels of differential pressure. This makes it easier to find a comfortable initial level of pressure, and allows for you to build up rather than ‘maxing out’ at one level as with standard, one setting penis pumps. Additionally, the gaiters provide a kind of safety limit, so that pressure cannot exceed what it should and discomfort can be avoided….



Dr. Roger N. Jones, MD
Life-Science Department,
Penomed LLC